notifications Warning: Never share your access_token or paste it on unstrusted websites. Watch my demo video to see why! Note: You can find your access token by viewing source or inspect your personal Facebook page at and search for 'access_token:' or 'EAA'. Your token should be a long string starting with 'EAA...'. You can also Get Token with my tool at Get Token I do NOT store any data: access_token, email address, password, and fetched data. All scripts are client-side.


  • Important: I do not save Email Address or Password. Get Token script is client-side.
  • Get Token will generate an active session (always Android) upon success.
  • If you have 2-factor authentication on, Get Token will not work.
  • If success, your Facebook Access Token should look like this: {"session_key":"locissmart","uid":123456789,"secret":"locishandsome","access_token":" EAAAALocIsVerySmartAndIsVeryHandSomePleaseHireLocForSoftWareEngineerOrWebDeveloperPositionXOXO","machine_id":"hirelocnow","confirmed":true,"identifier":"[email protected]","user_storage_key":"nothingtoseehere"}
  • Token from Get Token can be used on all FB tools on, and for all Facebook API.
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